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Didn't take long. A post on Daily Kos, to which a mere 11,500 other blogs link and perhaps the most read political blog in the U.S., already details Mike Huckabee's advocacy for the release of rapist/killer Wayne Dumond (pictured with the studied innocence of a man who killed and raped as many as six people in his career of crime). He was convicted of murder again after his release by the Huckabee-influenced parole board and was a suspect in another killing. The Kos item notes, too, how Huckabee edged into this affair because it was part of the smorgasbord of Arkansas smears offered up to trash Bill Clinton's presidential candidacy and The Huckster, ever ready to lead a parade, was all too happy to oblige.

I need not remind regular readers that the well-known investigative journalist, Murray Waas, wrote a prize-winning expose of Huckabee's work in behalf of Dumond for the Arkansas Times. Don't hold your breath for Tim Russert to ask about it Sunday. But its time will come.

And Eschaton, another popular liberal blog, is on the Dumond case, too, we've just noticed, with a link to our Waas report and also quotes liberally from a certain Arkansas blog that pointed out lies in Huckabee's latest book about Dumond. (Huckabee said Dumond was never convicted in Missouri and tries to suggest he had no influence over the parole board, which a raft of named sources told us was untrue.)

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