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Bingo! Unfiltered Huckabee



And still catching up: John Brummett, over at his blog, did some real live reporting yesterday on our item that Mike Huckabee was seeking to place a one-sided defense of his hard drive shredding, and perhaps other midnight actions, in the Sunday editorial section of the Democrat-Gazette. Our sources say he's landed the slot. Editorial page leader Paul Greenberg no-comments Brummett, another indication to me that Huckabee has won that placement.

Brummett does raise the question of whether the news department will get to do concurrent reporting on the unfiltered Huck or whether a reporter -- perhaps not the recently blacklisted Seth Blomeley, who broke the shredding news -- was allowed to question Huckabee about his alternate version of reality.

While you're there, please note Brummett's item about the advent of "charity" bingo. You knew this would happen. You knew that there was no way to enable bingo without somebody trying to score big profits off gambling revenue. All kinds of would-be profiteers are lurking at the Capitol to be lobbyists, vendors, regulators, etc., for this enterprise. Will it be possible to get around the new constitutional amendment's prohibition on profits, including for operators of the games? They seem to think so. If you really thought this was about the little old ladies in the church hall, you were mistaken. But you probably think those slots at Oaklawn and Southland are games of skill. Lock and roll!

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