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Max here, after four hours on the road to Hot Springs Village, where 150 ardent Democrats gave the lie to the notion that the Village is only a Republican retirement community. (And these folks are serious, I'm telling you.)

OK, AP, working hard, has more or less confirmed our day-old scoop that Mike Huckabee is running for president. They having him setting up an exploratory committe Monday.

About time. But does anybody intend to ask him about using an unregulated, unlimited contribution PAC (heavy hitters Jim Lindsey and Stephens Group with $100 k antes) to "explore" the presidency? Or will his glib, most-happy-fella demeanor prevent the AP and others from pursuing all the little technicalities that they worked so hard on Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, etc.

There's a narrative here. Rules don't apply to The Huckster. He's made that perfectly clear over and over, most recently by exploring on the Virginia-based PAC's dime. (And our drumbeat on this point has no doubt moved up his decision to become a real candidate, along with the fact that the field is getting out ahead of him.) But will you do a roll-over-on-your back for Huckabee as you did for another gregarious fellow named Bush, national media? We shall see. Ask me about my governor.

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