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For sale: Your government



Quote of the year, and it's only January, in the D-G story this morning about the Rogers School Board's decision to take $2 million from a private source (Walton Foundation most likely) to match a federal grant to put in a merit pay program:

Mark Sparks, Rogers' deputy superintendent, in confirming the donation, said: "They have purchased the right to decide whether or not they are going to be private or public. It's their choice and if they choose to be public, that's their business."

No,  Mark, it's our business, just as surely as if I struck a deal with Rogers to hire a new deputy superintendent with my millions, one that  had more respect for the public's ownership of the school district.

You'll see when you copy and paste the link below that a member of the Walton-financed department of education reform at Walton  University  (aka the UA) is designing the grant proposal. In the closed-loop world of merit pay, he undoubtedly will also be hired to evaluate the outcome. (There's no indication that the merit-pay-backing Democrat-Gazette has filed an FOI request for information related to this money.)§ion=News&storyid=179782

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