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I finally got around to perusing the sponsors of the Equal Rights Amendment resolution to see which members of the General Assembly oppose equal rights for women.

It's about what you'd expect.

With 66 House sponsors, all but two of the 24 Republicans refused to sign on for equal rights. Stan Berry and Bill Sample broke ranks with colleagues in the anti-equal-rights party. Shame on, you, Dan Greenberg. West Little Rock women, take note.My mother was a Republican and an ERA supporter to the core. I bet you'd find plenty of similar in your district Danny. Shame, too, on Democratic women Pam Adcock and Dawn Creekmore for failure to be on the sponsor list.

No matter, the resolution will pass the House. It's one more case where the House so far seems a beacon of good government and the Senate, once the saving grace of the legislature, appears in control of the yahoos. Only 11 senators have signed as sponsors so far.

All eight Republican senators, naturally, haven't signed the resolution in support of equal rights for women.

Here are the Democrats missing from the list of sponsors for a resolution calling for equal rights for women. Call and ask them where their names are.

Paul Bookout of Jonesboro, Shane Broadway of Bryant, Jack Critcher of Batesville, Bobby Glover of Carlisle, Jim Hill of Nashville, Barbara Horn of Foreman, Gene Jeffress of Louann, Jimmy Jeffress of Crosset, Bob Johnson of Bigelow, Randy Laverty of Jasper, Jim Luker of Wynne, Percy Malone of Arkadelphia, Paul Miller of Melborune, Jerry Taylor of Pine Blufff,  Robert Thompson of Paragould, Ed Wilkinson of Greenwood.

PS -- Young Mr. Greenberg called after this item appeared. He seemed upset to be singled out. Why not mention Sid Rosenbaum, he asked, who has more WLR women in his district? Sigh. Because we endorsed Greenberg on the strength of promises about so-far nonexistent ethics reform and hoped he might do something else right once in a while. The conversation became even more pointless after Greenberg started waving the bloody shirt of gay marriage. Tell your friends in Hot Springs Village, who put Danny in office, about his position on the ERA. I'm betting a lot of those older Republican women with Midwestern roots are a lot like my mother. She might have voted for Danny once, but after this, no way.


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