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Kane Webb to UCA



Democrat-Gazette editorial writer and columnist Kane Webb is joining the growing colossus in Conway. He'll be associate vice president for communications at the University of Central Arkansas.

The UCA Echo was hot onto Webb's potential hiring yesterday, in part because of the controversial circumstances surrounding departure of the campus' former top flack, Tommy Jackson. We'd more or less narrowed the likely choice down to Kane yesterday afternoon, but held off for today's Echo story. In it, Jackson hotly denies allegations that he'd plagiarized columns he'd written for the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway. He said he'd used Internet source for historical research and told the Echo he planned to sue over his dismisssal by President Lu Hardin. The university is contending that Jackson resigned and thus his personnel file is not open to review.

You'd think we'd have learned our lesson after 34 years about the perils of sitting on something, particularly with a blog to use for speculation. Oh well.

This is a good position for a newspaper stiff. Jackson earned almost $100,000.

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