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The State of Hogville



Orville's gone, so Harry King is our chief Hogologist and his latest tea-leaf read is now posted on the Morning News. He doesn't say the big stuff predicted by Wally is about to happen. But he seems to hint that the end may at last be drawing near for eternal athletic director Frank Broyles. Is the Walton U. Board of Trustees on board? Will Broyles accept a phased, dignified departure on his 50th anniversary? Or will he dig in his heels again, as he did successfully against John White's last coup attempt? A Board of Trustees meeting this week might provide further clues. Or it might not. But could it be that Jim Lindsey has decreed that Frank must be sacrificed to calm things for his boy Houston Dale?

We turn for wisdom to the words of the immortal O.H.'s Notepad: "Save a tree; Eat a beaver."


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