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Huckabee to Iowa



Des Moines Register reports that "Republican presidential candidate" Mike Huckabee will be doing a two-day swing in Iowa Jan. 30-31. Tell us again how the money he is spending from his Hope for America PAC should not be coming, instead, through a presidential exploratory committee.

Speaking of which: We were further perusing the PAC's recent financial report. We noted that Kirsten Fedewa, his DC-area consultant, had been making from $2,200 to $2,600 a month until December, when the PAC paid her almost $14,000. No other employees are listed on the PAC's expense report. It got us wondering: Do you think they might have parked a Huckabee on Fedewa's payroll? Generally speaking, it wouldn't be a Huckabee campaign without some device to funnel money or benefits (consultant fees, airplane payments, big mileage reimbursements, babysitting, audiovisual equipment, etc.) to him or a member of his family. A tipster earlier had signaled to Wonkette that Huckabee's daughter was heading home to work in her father's campaign. Sarah Huckabee doesn't turn up on the payroll. Thus our suspicion about the Fedewa charge. But the PAC is also sending about $10,000 a month to Dick Dresner in San Francisco and that's another place where a person could be put on the payroll to avoid disclosure through a line item expenditure. Not that there would be anything illegal about that. Just secretive.

Ask the former governor about this if you see him.

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