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Free speech takes a licking



Rep. Shirley Walters' bill to curb "cyber-bullying" might be more defensible if it was written only to cover students. But it includes school staff and it's a transparent make-good for her hometown Greenwood, where school administrators punished students who posted cartoons on the Internt making sport of administrators. The school district lost a lawsuit over the matter.

School administrators already have won limited control of on-campus publications in the interest of safety. Now they're trying to extend their censorship rights into students' homes. I don't think it's constitutional. But the House is untroubled by  the notion. It approved Walters' bad bill today 91-7.

The nos: Burkes, Garner, Greenberg, Harrelson, Lamoureux, L. Smith, Woods. Bully for them.

Here, by the way, is the website that got Greenwood shorts in a wad.

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