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Who's a bully?


Rep. Shirley Walters of Greenwood has a bill to curb school bullying. Fine. She wants to reach into home computers. Maybe not so fine, the ACLU says. Legislators please note this: The computer part seems mostly about autocratic school officials who still refuse to admit they were wrong. Walters presented the Greenwood school superintendent to testify how a good cyberbullying law could have helped her district in a lawsuit it lost after suspending some students for Internet activities. The Stephens story suggests the kids actions were "threatening." Nonsense. These kids were punished because they lampooned teachers with some sillycartoons. School officials always believe it is a threat to safety is kids are allowed to be critical of their betters.  It was a stretch of an argument and even one of the state's most conservative federal judges, a rock-solid Republican, recognized it.

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