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Huckabee's missing link



A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned Mike Huckabee's redesigned Hope for America PAC website and its "e-store" where you could buy copies of his various books at prices significantly higher than the same books sold on Amazon.

Funny thing. The "e-store" link is no longer posted on the Hope for America site, though you can find a cached copy of the page on Google.

We don't know if the following has anything to do with the disappearance or not. Team Huckabee won't take our questions. But a friend who has some familiarity with federal leadership PACs mentions that those PACs may not be used to earn a profit for the politicians with which they are associated. (Barack Obama's PAC does not sell copies of his book, for example.) Huckabee's PAC is registered in Virginia and nominally is to be used to support other candidates, though it primarily has been used to pay for his travel aimed at making a decision on a possible presidential bid. We've raised questions previously about whether his stated intention of testing his message for a decision on a presidential candidacy requires him to file papers for a presidential exploratory committee and operate under those tighter rules, rather than the unlimited fund-raising allowed for Virginia-registered PACs.

It is perhaps another question Democrat-Gazette reporters could ask the former governor when he's back in pocket for questions on the wholesale removal of stuff from the governor's office, including destruction of  computer hard drives.

Huckabee hawked copies of his latest book at the fund-raising gala that Hope for America threw in Little Rock last month.

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