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Friday night's alright ...



... for pizza. And an open line.

The grocery was crazy, even though nothing's going to happen here. I had to get some yeast for "ah-beetz," a pizza recipe from The Sopranos cookbook. It's a family favorite -- the pizza and the whole cookbook, full of Americanized Sicilian recipes rich in oil, garlic and tomato -- and we're sending the prodigal off to his final semester in college. This is sort of like school cafeteria pizza. Except you top a thick crust with a simple tomato sauce -- crushed tomatoes, garlic and oil -- then slices of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil leaves and some grated parmesan. Garlic and yeasty dough fill the house with a wonderful smell. Simple and good.

Try the same approach here.

And Zelda is right by the way. This squabble in Mayflower over sports is worth a read for anybody hoping to understand small-town America.

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