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You've been warned



Non-admirers have warned that House power Chris Thyer could prove to be the chamber's version of the Senate's Bigelow Bob.

If Delphi is right about this, those predictions may be true:

Be watching the stealth power grab fixing to slip through the House of Representatives on Thursday morning. Representative Chris Thyer’s HB1104 authorizes the Legislative Council and its Executive Committee to meet during the sitting of the General Assembly. The Legislative Council, an antiquated administrative creation that predates the reorganization of 1971 and the creation of Interim Committees, was originally intended to mind matters during the extended period when the General Assembly was not meeting. It was never to have power superior to the entire legislative body while sitting.

This is a bold usurpation of legislative authority by a small but powerful sect intent on exerting and keeping control even while the House and Senate are in session. It stinks like a mackerel by moonlight, and the smell is of a continuing purge and reshaping of the dedicated professional staff to reflect the conservative politics of those behind the effort.

Maybe Rep. Harrelson's blog can enlighten us on this.

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