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VIDEO: State Capitol update



Two quick videos straight from the State Capitol this afternoon:

1.) Rep. Chris Thyer, chairman of the Joint Budget Committee, explains why Gov. Mike Beebe's request for a $500,000 emergency fund -- the same amount extended to Beebe's predecessor, Mike Huckabee -- was reduced to $250,000 by Joint Budget this morning. (And later, after this report was taped, even the $250,000 was denied.)

"It's not a slap in the face of the governor," Thyer said.

2.) Thyer's bill to authorize the Legislative Council and its Executive Committee to meet during the sitting of the General Assembly (HB1104) passed the House 94-4 this afternoon. It has been criticized as a "stealth power grab."

Thyer responds to the criticism, and Rep. Will Bond, one of the four who voted against the bill, explains his opposition. 

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