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Liberal sorts can always get a lift from checking out Garrick Feldman's North Pulaski Leader, an energetic community paper further enhanced by Feldman's own sharp writing and editorials by our Ernie Dumas.

Like the latest editorial on House Speaker Benny Petrus, which credits him for some good and bad things, the bad being the appointment of Republican Mike Kenney to chair the education committee.

Let him honor his political deals, but chairman of education? It is arguably the most vital committee in the legislature, this the most critical moment, and Mike Kenney seemingly the worst choice. Legislative production and effectiveness were not the measures. Kenney has passed but one bill in four years, except for the illegal local appropriations from the General Improvement Fund that are allotted to all legislators.

Good stuff, too, in defense of Appeals Court Judge Wendell Griffen's right to free speech, under attack by the judicial disciplinary commission. Also praising Mike Beebe's release of the sorry record of a Mike Huckabee parole board appointee whose misdeeds Huckabee had tried to keep secret. Publisher Feldman is writing about the parole board case, too, because he's still doggedly trying to dig up the back story on another dismissed Huckabee appointee.


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