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Big appointment -- UPDATE (II)



Gov. Mike Beebe is announcing a major appointment at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Theories?

UPDATE III (see below): The appointment is going to Cliff Hoofman, former senator from North Little Rock and friend of the governor.

UPDATE: What a dummy I am. Of course Roby Brock, who's covering the legislature like the dew, is right. It's the first Beebe Highway Commission appointment, to replace Prissy Hickerson, she of the newly named Texarkana freeway. (Dan Greenberg, where are you?) Says Roby:

We’ve heard rumors on who will and will not get the appointment. I can confirm that former legislators Jay Bradford and Bill Gwatney are not up for the post. Big-time Beebe fundraisers, Mike or Beth Coulson are reportedly under consideration.

UPDATE II: Beth Coulson e-mails this statement:

I can assure you that NEITHER Coulson wants to be on the Highway Commission or any other appointment.

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