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Free-speaking governor


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Brummett blogs that it might be better for Gov. Mike Beebe to play some things a little closer to the vest. He references the page-one story in the Democrat-Gazette about Beebe's unscripted comments that he might undo the merger of the Health and Human Services Departments. I'm not so sure it's not a better thing, in this case, to get the idea percolating in public. Everybody in the department has been talking about it for months already. It's the most poorly kept secret in state government that the merger never was about efficiency or money saving. It was about finding a face-saving way to cover mismanagement of the Health Department by Dr. Fay Boozman, a good man with a passion for public health but little talent for managing the agency.

If you haven't read the D-G story, here's a link to copy and paste:§ion=News&storyid=179009


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