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VIDEO: LR School Board watch



Warwick and Jennifer Reed have headed over to the LR School Board's special meeting tonight, video camera in hand, for a report. I hope we can talk to Supt. Roy Brooks.

Might the superintendent, who's not inclined to humility, offer some apology for his bristling remarks at the School Board's vote that he should have immediately reinstated an employee he wanted to fire for publicly taking exception to his view of how well the school district is complying with federal court orders to monitor the achievement gap between black and white students?

Our thought? He might show a little humility. And spend less time playing tennis with Larry Berkley and more time reaching out to Charles Armstrong and Diane Curry and less time patronizing Katherine Mitchell, all of whom should naturally be allies if he really means to move all kids forward in LR.

UPDATE: Two-hour closed meeting. Brooks spent about a half-hour with the board in secret. Meeting ended with adjournment and no further action. Board President Katherine Mitchelll said the DeJarnette matter is in the past. Supt. Brooks went out the back door and avoided cameras. Maybe he did say he was ready to work with the Board. Maybe there's a recognition here that everybody is for the kids and a different point of view on strategy doesn't make one the villain and one the hero. Note to D-G: Why is a four-person black majority a "gang" but a five-person white majority something more benign?

Also: for LR school district junkies: Did you know what I just learned today? That the LR Public Education Foundatiion, a nominally private organization that has been used as a cut-out for the Hussman-Walton designs on control of the district, has been supported with taxpayer money, paid monthy by the LRSD without a Board vote? Isn't it wonderful to have the D-G complain about "The Club" that runs the LR Convention and Visitors Bureau while it has been part of the "Club" running the LR School District until some people of different skin color won democratically chosen school board seats?

UPDATE II: Warwick did grab some video last night and you can check it out here.


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