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Farewell to Huck



Tuesday's guard change prompts Brummett to recall the Mike Huckabee era -- the good and the bad, the big and the small.

By the way, as readers overnight noted, Huckabee had good exposure on "The Daily Show" last night. In a six-minute segment, host Jon Stewart called his new book "fascinating" and "practical." He noted that the book, though written by a self-described conservative, evangelical Republican was "pretty liberal" and said the governor seemingly was not opposed to activist government. Stewart noted the lack of ideology in the book, a setup for a touch of Huckabee's fondness for barnyard humor. Noting that most elected officials in Arkansas were Democrats and the futility of attempting to govern as a rigid Republican, Huckabee commented:  "If I had thought and acted like that, we couldn't have passed gas in the House chamber." It went over well.

Don't forget Brummett is blogging, too. He also notes Huckabee's scatalogical bent on the Daily Show. More better, he muses on the possible split between Beebe and Petrus/Critcher, as outlined in Warwick's item last night on their appearance before the Municipal League. Might Beebe, thanks to term limits, be left to work with residual legislators who weren't necessarily enamored of him in his legislative days?

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