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I can't be sure that the author -- Jimmie Higgins/Delphi -- is one and the same with our blog's periodic contributor with those monikers, but the content of his/her new blog, the People's Tribune, suggests that it is.

The Tribune is just up and running and promising lots of legislative oversight. Notable in early posts is a takeout on Gov. Mike Huckabee's breathtakingly illegal effort to direct General Improvement Funds to unappropriated uses, including a $1 milliion tribute to his personal fat doctor. As Delphi makes clear, the greater lingering offense is by the poor-mouthing University of Arkansas. It hasn't helped itself with the tacit admission that it has money in hidey holes all over the place that can be applied to whatever special interest needs may exist, even cleaning up after a grandiose governor who doesn't intend to let the law stand in the way of passing out money to friends. Next time Chancellor John White drops to his knees and begs for money for his malnourished campus, somebody pour a pot of hot coffee on him, will ya?

And thanks to the folks over at Matilda's Advice and Rants blog for the tip to Jimmie and Co.

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