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Matt DeCample, Attorney General Mike Beebe's media man, called us today to report that the a.g.'s office had filed its response to the Supreme Court's request for a status report on the Lake View school case. Beebe said, you might have guessed, that the state has fulfilled its commitment with additional money, study and a general devotion to better schools. (What, did you think he'd say, 'Shoot, boys, you caught us dogging again.'?)

DeCample also took time to answer our questions about the communications staff for the governor, who will take office in seven days.

I will be your first point of contact, the Spokesperson/Press Secretary role.  I think officially, we're going Spokesperson since as you well know, there are ever-increasing media types beyond the printed press.

I will also have a Deputy Spokesperson, Candace Martin.

Zac Wright will be Communications Director, overseeing the strategy crafting you referred to.

Thanks, Matt, for the ready communications. And, aye, Alice, we hardly knew ye. Good luck in the future.

And by the way, campaign reports show the race for governor was the most expensive in Arkansas history. Add in the "independent" expenditures and it topped $10 million.

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