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He likes Huck



Daily Kos again today suggests Gov. Mike Huckabee is a breakout Republican candidate in 2008 on account of his moderation on some issues. He's impressed by the governor's $500,000 fund-raiser, too, which is interesting, because 1) local Republicans thought it was puny for a long-term governor with so many chits to call in and 2) Clinton outdid that 15 years worth of inflation ago. Kos also doesn't get to Gimmegate, Dumond, his tax record, his petulancy, etc. But some of his readers do.

More important for the moment is his commentary and link to a story in which Republicans are hungry to see Dems in Congress make good on a promise to be more inclusive, so they can continue their game of running hot-button political votes to create campaign issues. The Democrats need to govern. But they don't need to roll over and play dead for these jokers, Kos says. And we agree.

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