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How's this for a third party



Since many Republicans have turned out to be merely hypocrites, not purely hateful, when it comes to gay people -- Condoleezza's friends, Mary Cheney, etc. -- Brummett proposes a third party movement for the true believers, to be called the American Christian Nation Party.

Extreme religious conservatives are now given to understand that there's no difference between Republicans and Democrats except that Republicans have been pretending to be different for cynical political exploitation.

Lying and hypocrisy may not be up there with gayness - since no one wants to amend the Constitution to prohibit those - but they're bad nonetheless.

Still, Democrats just won't do. Being honest is fine so long as you're not being honest about doing Satan's handiwork.

Right-wing religious evangelicals seeking to overtake the country politically simply have no choice but to disengage from the Republicans, stay clear of the Democrats and pursue their holy agenda with their own third party.

That this American Christian Nation Party probably would just about ruin Republicans and elect Democrats might simply be the Lord's will. Not that the Almighty is a Democrat. Oh, no. But maybe he thinks the country needs to hit bottom before it can bounce back.

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