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Going to be a slow day



We just noticed that an Illinois newspaper, tired of the litany of critical comments from readers on its website, has decreed that Wednesday will be Peace and Goodwill Reader Comments Day. Moderators will remove all comments that aren't in the spirit of the season.

What about it, bloggers? Good idea?

It reminds me of a night in 1968 or thereabouts, when I was hanging out with high school pals at Tom and Mac's, the drive-in where I spent most waking hours outside class and sports in Lake Charles, La. The drill was to back into a parking place, pay the carhops a 15-cent tip on a 35-cent beer to get served a PBR in a paper cup (despite our tender ages) and watch the hot cars -- GTOs, Satellites with hemi engines and Super Sport Chevelles -- circle the lot endlessly, their cutout mufflers rumbling, the Top 40 sounds of KLOU-AM blaring from everyone's radio.

Anyway, we vowed to have one evening where we didn't talk about other people. After 15 minutes or so of silence, we went back to business as usual.


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