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King Mike: I and II



Brummett detects an interest in royal trappings on the part of the incoming governor Mike Beebe as well as the outgoing, but mostly focuses on the abuse of 527 committees by Gov. Mike Huckabee and others. Might Arkansas move to limit these "independent" political tools?

Beebe people seem to be angling for airplane use equivalent to that of King Mike I, by the way, but Brummett isn't buying.

And did you catch the  quote Seth Blomeley of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette picked up at the governor's fund-raising "gala" last night? (We still think 350 tickets and $500,000 doesn't exactly evidence of tsunami of local enthusiasm for a Huckabee presidential bid.) Blomeley was writing about Huckabee's coming book, "From Hope to Higher Ground."

In the book, Huckabee writes about numerous things that happened during his administration that he describes as positive and how he believes his critics were wrong about many things.

He also writes about how someone can “stop being a selfish citizen” by doing such things as “write a note to a public official — ask for nothing but thank him or her for one specific thing.”

Yes, ask for nothing citzens. And don't forget to thank your public officials. Notes are nice. Checks, china, crystal, furniture, doughnuts, flowers, clothing, jewelry, plane tickets, bass boats, fishing gear, etc., also gratefully -- always -- accepted.

Ask not what your governor can do for you. Ask what you can do for your governor.

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