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Have they no shame?


Great piece today by NPR's Juan Williams on the sub-rosa claque of Republican ghouls and graverobbers who are secretly plotting to try to change the Senate rules to allow them to force ailing Senator Tim Johnson out of office if the Repuglicans determine he's unfit to serve after leaving the hospital.

This from the party that allowed mummified zombie Strom Thurmond to sit there for decades propped up and pretending to be alive and allowed old troglodyte Karl Mundt to keep his seat despite the fact he was brain-dead for years.

Understandably, Williams reported, these bloodthirsty ghouls don't want the world to know what they're plotting with poor Senator Johnson still in the hospital and his family and friends praying for his recovery.

You'd think the thugs who wanted to force Terry Schiavo's family to keep her alive and whose leader, Bill (I'm a Doctor) Frist, conducted a video diagnosis from 2,000 miles away that he said showed Schiavo was alert and acting just fine might show the same degree of sensitivity for one of their fellow senators who appears to be recovering from his surgery.

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