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Interesting rumor this morning. It concerns State Rep. Marvin Childers of Blytheville,  term limited, who moved to Little Rock some months ago to work in the Friday Law Firm and do some lobbying along with his legal practice. (Or maybe vice versa.) Among the lobbying clients we know he picked up was the Arkansas Judicial Council, representing the state's judges.

The rumor du jour is that Childers has been picked to succeed Morril Harriman as lobbyist in chief at the Arkansas Poultry Federation. That would be a double-revolving door -- poultry lobbyist to gubernatorial chief of staff/legislator to replacement poultry lobbyist. No announcement of Harriman's successor hadbeen made as of this morning. The Friday firm recently made Childers a partner, so it's a little hard to credit the rumor. However, the Administrative Office of the Courts, which works for the judges, confirms it has heard the rumor (which we got first from a Fayetteville source), but it has not spoken directly with Childers. We've left him a message.

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