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UPDATE: Huckabee posse has 'vagizzle'



Gov. Mike Huckabee is raising his national profile as he explores a presidential candidacy, so naturally the Beltway media is paying more attention to his actions.

You have to wonder, then, why he would choose this moment to join a fraternity.

It makes him ripe for ridicule, as evidenced in this morning's item on Wonkette:

Arkansas Gov and Presidential Hopeful (we’re gonna get real tired of writing those words real soon) Mike Huckabee recently rushed fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon. ... We thought we’d take the time to meet some of the Gov’s new brothers.

While the TKE page has mysteriously disappeared from the Arkansas State webpage (seriously, without a trace), an astute Wonkette Operative had a look at the site before it was wiped.

As you may have heard, outgoing governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is rushing TKE. His son was a member of the Beta Psi chapter of TKE at Arkansas State, so we assume that will be his chapter as well. We checked the Beta Psi website and learned some wonderful things about his new fraternity brothers, people such as Caboose, who is known for saying, “Why didn’t you tell me that bitch was psycho?” And who could forget that lovable scamp J Ro, who is apparently prone to exclaiming, “Vagizzle!” and hopes to attend Stanford or Harvard law. Huckabee ‘08!

There were some awesome pictures that we, sadly, didn’t save before they were erased (underaged drinking, hilariously blatant homoeroticism). If anyone can manage to find something good in the Wayback Machine, we’d be much obliged.

MAX ADDS: You may recall that we linked the now censored ASU Teke page yesterday. But you know the web. A friend sent us a link to this MySpace page (you'll need to register) that provides a number of saucy pictures, including thongs, see-through panties and intertwined gal-on-gal-in-toga action, as well as the usual frat beeer swilling, but better check quick. We're guessing they'll be gone shortly, too. (PS -- A critic of these frat posts wonders if we weren't ever young once. Answer: We can't remember, but we've heard reports that we were and belonged to a fraternity that behaved abominably. Anyway, lest there be any confusion: the governor himself was NOT an attendee at any of the Teke parties and bears no responsibility for anything that might be depicted there. Plus, we're willing to accept on credit that the ASU frats to which Mike Beebe and Dustin McDaniel belonged acted up, too.)

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