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As Mustain Turns -- UPDATE



Mustainia seems headed to a boffo season-ending finale based on a fine story in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today by Bob Holt.

It seems that parents of the Springdale frosh phenoms went to complain to Frank Broyles that recruiting promises that they'd be part of a whiz-bang passing attack were broken. Will they stay? Will they go? Do coaches run the program? Kids? It's all more important than education, poverty, highways, etc., that's for sure.

We note for the parents' benefit, however, that they need to learn a little about the UA system. They said they went to see Athletic Director Frank Broyles, rather than coach Houston Nutt, because Broyles runs things at UA. Wrong. The man they want to see is Jim Lindsey.

The D-G story is here. Talk shows and chat boards will be humming about it today.

UPDATE: Mitch Mustain's mother Beck Campbell, who's come in for criticism for her machinations during the recruiting frenzy and since, issued a statement to various in the media today. It's partially apologetic, but it doesn't exactly provide an answer on future developments. Read it on the jump.



Mitchell has been very proud to be a part of this team and we have all been
extremely proud of the success of the entire team this season. It has been
a true honor to be associated with kids of their caliber and he has been
blessed to have teammates who have grown to respected him and who have
supported him in light of the expections under which he entered this

Mitchell has never had a concern regarding playing time, either during his
tenor as a starting quarterback or during his time as a back-up quarterback.
Casey and he have always been supportive of each other and have always
encouraged one another as players and friends. His greatest conflict at this
very moment is his love, respect and admiration he has for his teammates and
the devotion he feels towards the program and his state.

With regards to our appointment with Coach Broyles this past Thursday, this
meeting was to be private and we had no intention and made no effort to make
it public. I was there strictly to discuss my personal experiences over the
course of the season and seeking the truth about issues that were of

I made it very clear at the first of the meeting that I was not there
seeking assurances, promises, or guarantees about the future of the program.
There was never discussion by any parent regarding the playing time of any
player. We discussed matters that would be of any concern to a freshman
parent such as academics and curfews. Several of these matters had already
been addressed with members of the staff and had not been resolved. Since
the football program controls those aspects of our child's lives I felt it
appropriate to address those issues with the head of the program.

I discussed as well my concerns regarding Mitchell's future as a football
player. However, they were confined to my perception of the desire and the
ability of this program to develop his skills and abilities in a manner
which would provide him with the best opportunity to succeed on the field in
order to help his team succeed at the highest level.

It was agreed by all party's involved that the head coach has the valid
right to determine the direction of the program and the manner in which the
team would develop.

I would like the fans of Arkansas to understand that Mitchell has dedicated
his heart and soul to this team and has worked diligently to represent this
team in a postive manner. He loves his teammates, and he feels a deep sense
of regret and sadness that his prescence on this team has created a division
in a state he loves.
I personally want to apologize for any role I may have played in the
division that has been created and any reflection my behaior may have had on
the team and my son. As a parent, I have always encouraged and supported my
children in managing their own relationships. However, I truly believed, in
light of many issues that had come to light over the course of the season,
Mitchell needed the support of his family and friends in seeking the truth
regarding the direction of the program in general and his role as a

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