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Double secret probation -- UPDATE



There are down sides to joining a frat. I didn't figure it would take long for Gov. Mike Huckabee to catch a little good-natured heat in the blogosphere for following Elvis Presley into the unofficial honorary ranks of TKE, the rowdy frat his son joined at ASU.


I’m not sure that joining a frat as a 51 year old man is the best way to convince the country you are mature enough to lead the nation.  Do we really want the President and Defense Secretary overseeing some bizarre Iraqi prisoner hazing ritual that involves making suspected terrorists try to drop the marshmallow squeezed between their ass cheeks into a martini glass?

When you run for president, everything gets looked at closely. Rules dodging on PACs. Bridal registries. Woofing at boxing matches. Cadging furniture gifts. Etc. Judgment IS part of the equation.

UPDATE: Lots of party pix, including many with secret hand signals, of the governor's frat brothers at ASU here.

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