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She's got game



The NY Daily News, in town for the Jermain Taylor title bout, has a colorful account of yesterday's pre-fight hoopla, including a nod to Taylor fan Janet Huckabee (file photo). The first lady was hobbling and using a cane on account of recent knee surgery, but she was scrappy as ever.

Janet Huckabee, wife of Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, came out to whip up support for the fight even though she was hobbled and walking on a cane because of knee replacement surgery on both legs. Huckabee even engaged in some trash-talking with Ouma.

"Kassim, you're a dead duck," the First Lady of Arkansas said. "Jermain, you promised me a knockout. So you better do just that, son. I'm forewarning you, Kassim."

Ouma, who was kidnapped from school and forced to be a child soldier for the Ugandan Army from age 6-19, simply smiled at the First Lady's attempt to scare him. Ouma said he considered it an honor that Taylor offered to fight him in Taylor's hometown.

"In America you can tell who your real friends are if they invite you into their homes," said Ouma, who is stepping up to middleweight from 154 pounds. "I consider Jermain Taylor a real friend. He has invited me to his home. I'm going to throw him a party on Saturday night."

Is Sally Quinn ready for this first lady?

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