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UPDATED: Tis better to ...



... receive if you're a certain someone.

Gov. Mike Huckabee is a gift to political writers that just keeps on giving.

His Christmas card hit mailboxes today. No, we're not on the list.

But this is the description we get from a recipient who has promised to share the card later.

A picture of the Capitol. A picture of the family. A picture of the family dogs. A letter bidding farewell.

And, yes, you guessed it, an insert fluttered out. It was an invitation to buy a $500-a-head ticket to the Dec. 16 gala to raise money for The Huckster's presidential campaign.

Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks for reading the Arkansas Blog. And could somebody send me some new socks to show your appreciation for my tireless toil in your behalf? A gift card to Target also would be nice. I have plenty of dishes.

UPDATE: Speaking of that presidential run: Chris Cillizza, the political blogger in the Washington Post, has been very friendly to Huckabee to date. But he drops him down a notch today in rating 2008 contenders for a reason which explains the aggressiveness Huckabee has demonstrated in trying to pump money out of Arkansas Dec. 16.

On the Republican side, we drop Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee from the top 5 as he continues to show no signs of building any sort of organization in states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. In the words of the famous philosopher Yogi Berra "It gets late early out there"; it is getting late in the presidential game for Huckabee, who enjoys neither the name recognition nor the demonstrated fundraising capacity that others in the GOP field possess.

Replacing Huckabee on the Line is Sen. Sam Brownback, who at the moment seems most likely to carry the mantle of social conservatives in the early primary and caucus states. Brownback remains a longshot, but he is in the race, which counts for something in our eyes.

Boston Globe reports Huck has a man in New Hampshire and that son David will be campaigning for him, too. (Correction: That's the man in New Hampshire's son David, not Huckabee's son.)


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