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'In pursuit of hot women, hard living and insane fame'



The headline is taken from the NY Times and its review on a new MTV  reality show, "Twentyfourseven." It's about a crew of guys, pictured in MTV photo, trying to make it in Hollywood. The leader, Greg Carney, is from Arkansas, along with his musician brother, Chris. The background intrigues the reviewer.

At first the characters seem stiff, false and forced into a television friendship charade. But I came to like Chris when he insists on returning to “the dirty” — his name for Arkansas — shortly before playing at one of Greg’s parties. Though he says he’ll be back in Los Angeles in time to perform, he’s going to make only $500 at the gig (as opposed to Greg’s cut of the door), and some hunting boys back home have promised him a deer and a hog. Besides, he wants to see Mom and Dad.

Greg is enraged. This is his party that Chris is blowing off, and anyway, they were supposed to be all Hollywood now. But Chris, the older, digs in and leaves the city; he then misses his performance entirely when he lands in jail.

This return-of-the-Arkansas-repressed in the midst of the effort to go Hollywood is a good twist, and different from the way Queens occasionally comes back to haunt the consciences of the gang on “Entourage.” As with “Laguna Beach,” however, MTV seems to have deployed every camera at Viacom just following the cast members around town in case something exciting — a cellphone call! — happens.

It’s unlikely that the producers will wrangle a crew to stray beyond California and fly a whole team to Little Rock or Hot Springs. Too bad. It might be instructive to see what could go wrong in a healthy Arkansas childhood, filled with hogs, deer and good times, to turn a decent country boy into a mangy old party promoter.

Tom Shales of Washington Post says the show is unworthy of watching.

In many of its so-called reality shows that clog a schedule once dominated by merry little music videos, MTV is redefining the American dream for its army of lazy-hazy viewers. Basically, there is this lofty goal: Make a living without working for a living.

Ah, to be awash in the lush and the plush, to be idolized and pampered and emulated and adored -- even if you don't have a hint of talent or intelligence.

As for Chris, who the NY Times reviewer liked, Shales says:

We're expected to be fascinated and enthralled by this Loser's Brigade and the capers and scrapes they experience. Unfortunately, one of the major happenings of the first two episodes occurs entirely off-camera and is literally phoned in. Poor hapless Chris misses a big club date with the Prom Kings because he suddenly got it into his head to fly off to Hot Springs, Ark., for an impromptu old-home week of hunting and drunken driving. Naturally he was arrested soon after his arrival not only for DWI but for "aggravated assault" as well.

If they had a law against "aggravated being a jerk," he surely would have been charged with that, too.


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