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The worst person in the world backs Huck



If  prostitute-toe-sucking Dick Morris be for you (and he seems to like former client Mike Huckabee quite a bit in an article excerpted here), that's enough for plenty of people to be against you. Just the same, Morris thinks Huck may be the conservative alternative in a poor field.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is looking more and more attractive given the paucity of the field. He is eloquent, outspoken, and has shown a record of great creativity in his state. Not only is he hard-line on the social issues — as a former Baptist minister and president of the Southern Baptist Convention — but his policies on health care and nutrition mark him as a compassionate Christian conservative as well. His state is a defect and he’s the world’s worst fundraiser, but the right could seek him out. He’s lost 100 pounds, so he really must want the job. (Note: He’s a former client.)

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback is another possibility, but he lacks Huckabee’s background, passion, and stage presence.

Or there could be someone else. But, at this stage, the Republican right is scraping the bottom of the barrel.”

PS -- A careful reader notes that Morris doesn't remember Huckabee perfectly. He was president of the Arkansas Baptist Convention, not the whole SBC.

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