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Talk about burying the lead. Check the news release on the jump about a coming prime-time special on Channel 11 in which the Arkansas Department of Economic Development will present  -- at 9 p.m. Dec. 5 -- a report on the state's needs for high-tech and knowledge-based jobs.

The prime time is available because Channel 11 is again refusing to air the network offering, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (an image from the show is included for informational purposes only). Devotees of frilly underwear will have to turn to KASN 38. I'm sure most will remain riveted to the knowledge-based jobs report.



KTHV President and General Manager Larry Audas announced today Today’s THV and the Arkansas Department of Economic Development will partner to present a one-hour prime time television special  at 9:00PM Tuesday, December 5th.  The special focuses on the high technology and knowledge-based jobs Arkansas needs to improve and expand for future success.  The program also highlights how education is the key to our success.

“Today’s THV believes the state’s economic development is important to all Arkansans,” said Audas.  This program was nurtured by ADED and is a top notch presentation that lines up well with THV’s continuing efforts in education and community awareness.  We’re proud that Today’s THV was chosen as a partner to help move Arkansas forward by presenting this important special.”
The program, hosted by THV’s Anne Jansen, is Arkansas' Brighter Future: Education = Economic Development.  This first-of-a-kind broadcast will explore the phenomenal progress of The University of Arkansas' Genesis program, The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' Bioventure, and Arkansas State University's Biosciences Institute.  It will also visit a Little Rock family with the dilemma of watching their kids look outside the state for their college education.  Waymack & Crew in Little Rock provided exceptional production services for the show which includes interviews with UCA Chancellor Lou Hardin and Alltel’s Scott Ford.

The project was overseen by Mitch Chandler, Communications Director for ADED.  Chandler states, "We have no choice but to galvanize our efforts around the state to educate Arkansans into a better position economically.  This program explores ways to make our lives better, and what we as parents can do to better prepare our children to compete globally.  We'll show you Arkansans who are winning the technology race right here at home."

The program will pre-empt the CBS Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  CBS has made arrangements to air Victoria’s Secret on Little Rock’s KASN television, channel 38 (Comcast 7), in the same time period.

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