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The 'cowards' were right -- UPDATE



Remember when the Bush administration wanted you to believe that everything was rosy in Iraq; that the problem was wimpy journalists hunkering in the Green Zone and refusing to tell the "real" story? Nicholas Kristof gives them overdue vindication:

Dexter Filkins, who covered Iraq brilliantly for this newspaper until his departure this summer to take up a fellowship at Harvard, says he was constantly accused of reporting only the bad news, of being unpatriotic, and of getting Americans killed.

“I don’t think it ever affected our reporting,” he said. “But I did find it demoralizing, the idea that the truth — the reality on the ground that we were seeing every day — did not matter, that these overfed people sitting in TV studios and in their living rooms could just turn up the volume on what they wanted to be happening in Iraq and that that could overwhelm the reality.”

Reality eventually bites.

UPDATE: More mush from the wimps of the press.


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