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'I've suffered enough'



A great story this week in Arkansas Business on yet another white-collar criminal (like superthief Tom Coughlin) who seems to think he's suffered enough merely because he got caught embezzling big bucks from his employer. As if small-time thieves don't bring embarrassment to their families, too.

This one's about John Atwood, now in the state lockup for thieving a half-million or so from the holding company that controls USA Drug. Lots of rationalizing, but not much remorse from this particular convict. Hey, he asked at one point, why wasn't paying the stolen loot back punishment enough? His bosses should have known he had a gambling jones that he had to feed. It's unChristian to go after his wife, the perp says, though the wife's company received money that the crook redirected from the drug company for reasons not exactly clear.

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