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Have you checked the Arkansas Times blog family lately?

You should.

You're missing the likes of Arkansas R.F.D., a news scan of the state that includes the whopping 57 alcohol permit requests on file for newly wet Marion County; the $15 billion a road construction lobby says is needed for the highway system; and lots more.

Hog Lawyer is writing about Jesus camp and payday lenders. (Didn't Jesus have something to say about the likes of check cashers?)

SNAFU is tracking the disaster in Iraq, from the perspective of a veteran.

Dogtownius is, well, Dogtownius. And, hey, D.T., get a load of the tiny story in the Monday Dem-Gaze about how that coal-fired plant that Mayor Hays had planned to provide some electric rate relief on the northside is running behind schedule and may not be built at all. The light at the end of the rate tunnel in NLR is apparently an oncoming train.

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