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Urban critters



Speaking of wildlife:

I'm in need of some wildlife advice.

I've discovered a huge hole in a flower bed up against the foundation of my house. The hole is perfectly round, maybe a foot in diameter. It opens to a smaller tunnel that runs at an angle deeper underground. I poked a broom into it -- somewhat fearful of might be at the other end -- and measured the tunnel at roughly three feet long. It's much smaller around than the entry hole..


I also notice, about three feet from the hole, that a perfectly semi-circular apron of dirt is growing at the corner of my zoysia lawn and tracks lead from there through the flower bed to the hole.

Here are animals I've seen in or near my yard: Armadillo, groundhog, fox, squirrel, rabbit, rat, mice, chipmunk, raccoon, opossum, coyote, dog, cat.

Suspects? Solutions? Thank you kindly. (Readers and callers seem to favor an armadillo, pictured here.)

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