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College CEOs -- UPDATE



The New York Times and others today are reporting on a new survey of college president pay by the Chronicle of Higher Education. (Alas, you must be a subscriber to see the good stff.) Their pay has inflated tremendously -- relative to staff pay -- as is the case in private business. No, they're not up there with football coaches yet.

Perhaps there's a Chronicle subscriber out there who could provide the Arkansas-relevant data. Judging by the top pay listed in NY Times, our poor college leaders will be down the list.

UPDATE: Here's the data on the Arkansas public and private college leaders included in the Chronicle (not all were listed):


U. of Arkansas System

B. Alan Sugg -- $233,778 in public funds; $41,222 in private funds; car; house; retirement.

Total compensation: $297,000 

U. of Arkansas at Fayetteville

John A. White $223,634 public pay; $41,366 private pay; car; house; retirement

Total compensation: $287,000

U. of Arkansas at Little Rock

Joel E. Anderson: $199,970 public pay; $12,491 private pay; car; house; retirement.

Total compensation: $233,707


Hendrix College

J. Timothy Cloyd president: Base pay: $178,500 Benefits: $30,766

Total compensation: $209,266

John Brown University

Charles Pollard president: Base pay $135,000 benefits $23,143

Total compensation: $158,143

Lyon College

Walter B. Roettger, president: Base pay, $186,000; benefits, $10,230

Total compensation: $196,230

University of the Ozarks

Richard D. Niece, president: Base pay, $171,000; benefits, $13,680.

Total compensation: $184,680

Not a one in the range of a big-time offensive or defensive coordinator.

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