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Gov. Mike Huckabee's gentle gibe at U.S. Sen. John McCain -- that he can transfer federal money into a presidential exploratory committee -- has drawn a ton of blog attention. Atrios, one of the top bloggers in the country, picked it up, for example.

Senators can raise a pile of money before they ever decide to run for president. Governors can't.

But so what, exactly, is Gov. Huckabee doing when he holds a fund-raiser in LR Dec. 16 for his Healthy America PAC? Indeed, what has he been doing for most of the year, raising tens of thousands of dollars this year that has paid for travels to a number of locations where -- though he may have talked health -- he was obviously watering roots of his presidential campaign. Perhaps you are not exploring a race until you say you are and perhaps Huckabee's activities are perfectly legal. But he's raising money and spending it on the same pursuit McCain is pursuing. He appears to be at no disadvantage, except that he had no gubernatorial surplus from 2002 to carry over.


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