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A lunch bucket agenda



Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now will hold a news conference Monday to announce a legislative agenda that Democrats would do well to consider as they assume power in Congress and continue rock-solid control of the Arkansas legislature.  Laugh, if you will. Acorn has been a key player in the leading the minimum wage revolution nationwide when congressional Republicans stymied further increases. It is a potent player in local elections, from taxes, to schools boards to city council. Acorn's "working families agenda" also makes sense and is a template for the sorts of things Democrats can do to build on this year's election:

#1— Raise the minimum wage and index it to inflation;
#2 — Expand the state and federal Earned Income Tax Credits;
#3 — Require paid sick days for all American workers;
#4 — Help with child care costs through tax credits and subsidies.

I note that there's no mention of the sales tax on groceries. As Ernie Dumas has written, the Earned Income Tax Credit is a better vehicle to target people who need tax relief most. A change in the grocery tax affects only one part of a tax that is wildly regressive. Changing the tax on groceries still leaves it as a disproportionate burden on the poor and working class for clothing, utility bills, etc.



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