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New hogs at the trough



There's a troubling quote in this AP story that confirms our reporting today on at least $7,500 worth of china and crystal given to Janet Huckabee from funds raised to improve the Governor's Mansion.

The trouble isn't the Huckabees' ethical blindness or the breaking of faith with contributors to the charity by the personally enriching gift of tax-deductible contributions.

The trouble is Jason Willett, chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, who says he doesn't understand what the fuss is -- whether about the "wedding" gift registries (the Dillard's registry has been taken down) or the enormus china/crystal gift.

"I think we've got some bigger issues to deal with other than if someone gives the Huckabees a toaster," Democratic Party Chairman Jason Willett said. He called the gift-giving "normal for Arkansas."

If the Beebes are expecting this kind of gifting -- and if we can't believe the Democratic chair who can we trust -- somebody count the silver at the Mansion.

Meanwhile, Huckabee can thank the Democratic chairman for helping him over a speed bump in his presidential bid. What a dope. Maybe it's a makeup for calling Mrs. Huckabee "Jethrene" at the Obama rally and promising that Ginger Beebe would bring "class" back to the Governor's Mansion. If class means sweeping in thousands of dollars in gifts from a charity, thanks, but no thanks.


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