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National media weigh in on Huckabee



Here's one perspective on the Huckabee saga, from The New Republic magazine's blog:

It's the kind of slightly tacky stunt that normally earns you ... well, a mention in the local press, the occasional snicker around the state capital, maybe some tut-tutting from the odd goo-goo type. It's certainly not the kind of thing that might sink a budding presidential campaign.

That is, unless you completely melt down in front of your state's press corps when confronted with questions about the faux pas. Which, alas, is precisely what Huckabee did yesterday. ...

My sense: If this thing had been caught on video, the Huckabee presidential campaign would have officially died yesterday.

Elsewhere, the Christian Broadcasting Network rewrites the various news accounts in a way marginally favorable to the governor.

The widely read National Journal Hotline (a reliable source of pro-Huckabee commentary usually) commented:   

HUCKABEE: Not Exactly a "Checkers" Moment?

Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) "angrily defended" a gift registry that was set up to help furnish his new home, and said he felt he and his wife were being unfairly portrayed. Huckabee: "My wife has friends; she has lifelong friends. They wanted to do something for her." He said he didn't know the friends who set up the registry, nor did he know who hosted a housewarming party for which the registry was intended. And while the online registries at Target and Dillard's were accessible without a password, he said they were not intended for the general public

The subject has gone viral on the blogs. The Wake-Up Wal-Mart blog snickers that Wal-Mart's home state governor didn't take advantage of Wal-Mart gift registries.

This is the same Huckabee, you will remember, who said at Wal-Mart's media day, that, "We're very proud that Wal-Mart is headquartered here..."

Apparently Huckabee's not quite proud enough to shop there.

And now Romenesko, the most widely-read national media blog, picks up the story.

Daily Kos also has an item about it.

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