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UPDATE: The whiner-in-chief



Gov. Mike Huckabee is heard from -- petulantly, of course (and sorry, I forgot the link originally) -- on his family's gift grab.(Several people have remarked how much fun cartoonist George Fisher would have had with this story. As you can see from some samples, he went down this road several times.)

UPDATE: The governor apparently had some choice words to say about the Arkansas Times and the editor of that trashy, unfair, critical rag when he was questioned by reporters today. He seems to think our reporting is the cause of his discomfort, as opposed to the underlying facts, and is in a blue fury that others have reported the story. Shoot this sorry messenger, if you must, governor, but if you'd like to repeat your criticism here, we promise to run any statement verbatim, without immediate accompanying commentary.

We wish AP had been primed to ask about other gifts of which we're aware. More on that later. Even so, the "wedding" shower registry gives rise to other questions -- about furniture, help with the mortgage on the new private mansion, etc. Is he looking for help in those areas, too?

It's not like the governor hasn't given people ample reason over 10 years of grabbiness to wonder. Maybe the big lumber, metaphorically speaking, will be delivered after The Huckster leaves office and is no longer required to report gifts. We'd ask, but, well ....

Here's an earlier Fisher on Huckabee's love of gifts.


And, just for fun, we can dream of what George would have done with the 2006 Republican dream team.




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