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A little self-promotion in the name of another illustration of the power of new media.

Friday, the Arkansas Blog broke the story abut Mike and Janet Huckabee setting up department store gift registries to score housewarming gifts. It was, at a minimum tacky and thematic of Huckabee's I-don't-pick-up-the-tab style. Also, it will be ethically questionable if people give large gifts only because it's the governor doing the asking and he's not an old friend. We got tons of reader comment on the original item and here.

Saturday, Stephens Media followed our story. Their account included a smarmy defense of the Huckabees by Republican shill Gil Baker.

Sunday, the Associated Press picked up the Stephens story. It went nationwide with a headline putting quotes around the putative "wedding" registries.

Monday, the Democrat-Gazette picked up the AP story.

So there you have it. Straight from the digital blog of a throwaway tabloid newspaper (one denied press privileges by the governor) to the national news archives and web browsers of all keeping up with future presidential candidates. There's plenty more where that came from.

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