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Over at the Arkansas Family blog, our loyal opponents are moving on and looking ahead, such as to the future of the Arkansas Republican Party. They have a bit of scoop that Little Rock political consultant Bill Vickery's name has been added to the mix of names mentioned as future Republican chairman.

Vickery, with whom we tussle occasionally on radio and TV, confirms to us that friends and people in the party have called him to encourage him to join the competition for the job and he's mulling it. A political consultant with some record of success in raising money and winning elections (recent college bonds question are a plus), he could be seen as the sort of chairman who'd be talking about building a bigger tent for the party, more accommodating to moderate and independent voters. The question is whether those who elect the chairman are similarly accommodating. Much as we like Bill, we're still pulling for Jim Holt for this job. If you get our drift.

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