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Given this year's results, it might be better not to be among the speakers at this conference. It's no place to establish moderate credentials, which Mike Huckabee otherwise attempts to do. A blog reports:

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference hosted by the American Conservative Union is being held from March 1 to 3 in Washington, D.C. At least for now, three out of the four top Republican presidential contenders in 2008 are not on the list of potential conference presenters; out of Gingrich, Giuliani, McCain, and Romney, the only one invited to address the conference at this time is the former Speaker. Senator Bill Frist and Governor Mike Huckabee, two other potential GOP presidential candidates, have been invited to speak in addition to Gingrich.

This is precisely the kind of out-of-touch, status quo, short-sighted, arbitrary litmus test thinking that leads to election day debacles for Republicans. I would also imagine that it will lead to reduced attendance, press coverage, and credibility for the event - which the ACU ought to think about before firming up the schedule.

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