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You know you have a crummy car radio ...



... when a thief rifles your street-parked fishing car and takes only the 50 or 75 cents in the ashtray and leaves the radio. This was a very discerning thief. He passed up a working flashlight and a pack of AA batteries, too. The radio's value is appropriate to the battered Volvo (of course, we do live in Hillcrest) in which it lodges. Maybe the thief could even tell that it essentially doesn't work in the car, though it's a close fit and if you jimmy it just right, it sometimes plays. I'm just glad he didn't jack the car up and take the good rubber on the wheels. They're worth more than the whole she-bang put together.

Anyway, with that commentary on overnight adventures in LR (discovered when I fired up the car for a battery-charging run to the store after months in cold storage) an open line.

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