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In defense of Fartblossom


Paul Burka, senior editor of Texas Monthly and a long-time Karl Rove-watcher, was interviewed this week on NPR regarding the implications of the Republican repudiation at the polls.

The interviewer asked if this meant Rove was finished as the White House's brains.

No, Burka replied. He said Rove remains one of the pre-eminent political manipulators in America [albeit an evil one].

What Tuesday's GOP defeat means, Burka said, is that not even a genius like Rove could save G. Wingrove Bush and his political punk/henchmen from being such bunglers, scam artists, hypocrites, liars, dissemblers, cheats and egomaniacs that the public simply is sick of the whole bunch.

If anything, Burka said, Rove could wind up with MORE influence over Junior than ever.

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